Schoolhouse student art

School Advisory Councils (SAC's) were created by the Florida Legislature to assure continuous progress of Florida's eight education goals in each school. The purpose of the council is to develop, monitor, and evaluate results of the School Improvement Plan. The SAC shall assist in preparing the school's annual budget. The SAC must operate within the policies of the School Board and the parameters established by the state legislature.

The SAC (School Advisory Committee) consists of a cross section of all groups representing the school. This group of parents, teachers, community members and the school principal as scheduled. The Committee serves as a liaison between school and community.

The purpose of the members is to have a meaningful role in identifying needs providing valued input and critically evaluating the School Improvement Plan.

The goals of the SAC are as follows:
1. Readiness to start school
2. Graduation rate and readiness of postsecondary education and employment
3. Student performance
4. Learning environment
5. School safety and environment
6. Teachers and staff
7. Adult literacy
8. Parent involvement

Please contact our principal at 407-249-6340 for more information about how you can become a member of Engelwood's Parent Teacher Organization.

You may email the SAC at [email protected].