Engelwood’s Art program explores great art, artist and cultures of the world.  Based on the Four Elements of ART, Line, Shape, Color and Texture, students experience creative and diverse lessons with a broad range of media.  These art projects enrich critical thinking and encourage problem solving skills in other subject areas as well as ART. Specific concepts are introduced, taught, reinforced and extended while encouraging spontaneity and exploration. The art program aids in preparing the elementary child for reading and math readiness, language development, vocabulary, knowledge and sensory awareness.

In addition, the art lessons reflect an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates Social Studies, Language Arts and Science.  Multicultural awareness is interwoven naturally throughout the program.  From kindergarten through fifth grade, children develop self-awareness as well as physical and perceptual skills.  Through the art experience, students develop an understanding and appreciation for the arts.

By experiencing ART, students have a special sense of positive accomplishment and appreciation for themselves and the world around them.