Science Olympiad 

The goal of Science Olympiad is to improve the quality of science education through competitions similar to sporting events. Just as students are motivated to compete in various sporting activities, students compete as a team against other schools.  They competed in events involving identification of insects, egg drops, identifying mysterious substances, measurement and Pictionary.
Sponsor: Mary Levy Ext. 3342263
Begins October
Meeting Dates: Thursdays


Our Chorus club meets weekly beginning on September 3rd.  The Chorus presents performances at the winter and spring concerts.  
Sponsor: Margaret Smith Ext. 3342285
Meeting: Every Tuesday 3:30pm-4:15pm (Beginning September 3rd)

Thespian Club

We look forward to having another great Thespian Season with our next musical taking place next spring.  Please be on the look out in Mid-January for information on when tryouts will begin.

Sponsor: Margaret Smith Ext. 3342285
Meeting: Every Tuesday and Thursday 3:30pm-4:30pm (Beginning Mid-January)

Art Club

The Art club will begin looking for members the first week of school and start their enjoyment of the visual arts on September 9th.  

Sponsor: Majorie Acevedo Ext. 3342286
Meeting: Every Monday 3:30pm-4:15pm (Beginning September 9)

Safety Patrol

Patrols direct children, not traffic. As school-age leaders in traffic safety, patrol members teach other students about traffic safety on a peer-to-peer basis. They also serve as role models for younger children who look up to them.
Sponsor:Gloria Salazar Ext. 3342235
Meeting: Daily


As an Engelwood Cardinal Safety Patrol you will:

  • Be at your post from 7:45-8:10 A.M in the morning.
  • Be at your post from 3:30-3:45 P.M. in the afternoon.
  • Demonstrate Cardinal P.R.I.D.E. on and off duty.
  • Maintain excellent grades (no grade lower than a C).
  • Follow the rules and expectations of the classroom and school on and off duty.
  • Adhere to the Safety Patrol Pledge

School Safety Patrol members:

  • Complete training in traffic safety
  • Protect students from the hazards of crossing roads and highways on their way to and from school
  • Assist bus drivers in safely transporting students to and from school
  • Teach fellow students about traffic safety.
  • Serve other leadership functions under the direction of school officials


AAA School Safety Patrols benefit students, schools, and communities.

Students gain:

  • Safety awareness
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Pride
  • Citizenship
  • Respect for law enforcement

Schools benefit from opportunities to promote:

  • Traffic safety awareness
  • Peer-to-peer education
  • Character-building opportunities
  • A constructive outlet for students’ energy
  • A positive relationship with parents, law enforcement, and the overall community

Communities benefit from:

  • Safer environments for pedestrians and motorists
  • A spirit of volunteerism and civic-mindedness
  • A positive collaboration between students, parents, schools, and law enforcement